James Griffin Weekly Entertainment Guide

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It all happens at the James Griffin Pub!

Check out this week’s Whiskey !

“The Distiller’s Safe is a whiskey that celebrates the craft of our Head Distiller, Brian Nation, and his mastery of the Irish Pot Still. The spirit safe is an instrument allowing him to sample what’s going on inside the still, a confirmation of quality at every turn.

Delivering a smooth mouthfeel and gentle notes of apricot, cinnamon and melon, The Distiller’s Safe pays respect to the character of the distillate. Long before barrels make their mark, a pot still has the first say.”- Jameson
Try it here at the James Griffin Pub


Thursday  – Trad Session

Friday – Davy Harrison

Saturday  – Party Night with our House DJ

Sunday – The Sandmen from 8pm 


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